KPN's mobile network is ready for the future

It has been more than 40 years since the PTT rolled out the Netherlands’ first mobile network. Today, we can no longer do without our mobile phone and we’re using 5G. In this video edition of the State of the Network, we take you through the development of the mobile network over the years and show you that with 5G we are ready for the future.

State of the mobile network
  • The Netherlands has the best mobile networks in Europe, which means that we can make mobile calls and use the internet almost everywhere.
  • Recently, the KPN network was named the best network in the Netherlands, for the third time in a row.
  • Together, we’re consuming more data every year, while the price of mobile subscriptions has continued to fall.
  • Currently, there are several generations of mobile networks and, with the emergence of new networks, we’re also saying goodbye to old technology.
  • We will soon stop 3G, because almost everyone is already using the 4G or 5G network.
  • With the best and fastest network, we’re ready for the future with new milestones and innovations.