KPN publishes its Annual Report 2021

Today KPN publishes its Integrated Annual Report 2021 and looks back at a year in which the resilience of the Netherlands was once again put to the test by corona. KPN did everything possible to connect everyone in the Netherlands to a sustainable future, accelerated the roll-out of fiber and realized revenue growth from services for the mass market.

Resilience and innovation
With its digital services KPN made it possible for the Netherlands to work from home, to pursue online education or to continue running a business when the shop was closed. In numerous areas the pandemic has sped up the digitalization of our life. “The data consumption on the KPN networks broke records again. It reflected the various highs and lows in society. 2021 has shown how resilient and innovative we are,” says CEO Joost Farwerck.

The annual report highlights examples of KPN's contribution to Dutch society in the field of hybrid working, healthcare services, cybersecurity and the floods in Limburg.

Connected ahead
KPN is building high-quality, future-proof digital infrastructure with fiber and 5G, ensuring a first-class internet experience. The KPN Annual Report shows that by the end of 2021 4,000 mobile sites have been modernized and made ready for 5G. In the past year KPN also accelerated the rollout of the fiber network.

In 2021 around 433,000 Dutch households were connected to the fiber network. Together with the Glaspoort joint venture, this was even more than half a million. Thanks to the rollout of the fiber network, the Netherlands will soon be connected to a sustainable future thanks to the best digital infrastructure.

Sustainable future
KPN's products and services are energy efficient and KPN customers achieved significant energy savings in 2021. KPN's energy consumption has been completely green for years and is continuously decreasing, while data consumption on the network is increasing. KPN is the only telecommunications company that has been included in the World Index of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for ten consecutive years.

“Last year, we linked financial instruments to our climate ambitions with the issuance of a sustainability-linked bond and a sustainability-linked revolving credit facility. We have formulated robust circularity ambitions, and set a target to reduce emissions across our entire value chain to net-zero by 2040 and compensate for the remainder. This underlines our sustainable character for all our stakeholders”, says Joost Farwerck.

Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
On April 13, 2022, KPN will hold its Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, at which the Integrated Annual Report 2021 will be discussed. Other items on the agenda, which will be published soon, include the proposed appointment of two new members to the Supervisory Board.

KPN's Integrated Annual Report 2021 is available online on annualreport2021.kpn