TEAMKPN Sportfonds helps sports teams perform optimally

Beach tennis, bowling and canoe sprint are getting support from the TEAMKPN Sports Fund this year. The Fund was set up specially for team sports in the Netherlands that are not regarded as front-line sports by NOC*NSF and that therefore receive only limited financial support. In 2023, TEAMKPN Sports Fund is again making funding available to three teams to help with costs such as training camps, travel and accommodation costs, equipment, and medical and sports assistance. With the support of the Fund they are able to perform at the highest level and take part in European Championships, World Championships or even the Olympic Games.

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Canoe sprint
The canoe sprint is an Olympic discipline which involves paddling as fast as possible from start to finish across still waters (i.e. without waves or currents). Under the guidance of national coach Nicole Bourke, a team of men and women is training hard to achieve their goal in two stages: to take part in the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris and to win a medal in Los Angeles four years later.

The contribution of the TEAMKPN Sports Fund is being used to give more depth and intensity to the training program, including a comprehensive analysis of the paddling techniques in a special training channel in Berlin. Thanks to the TEAMKPN Sports Fund, the team can also take part in the World Championships for more experience at the highest level and can purchase a new C2 (two-man canoe).


The Netherlands bowling team
Last year, the ambitious young Netherlands bowling team accomplished a unique feat by winning the European Championships. The target for 2023 is to show that this is not a one-off achievement but that the Netherlands can remain in the top echelons in Europe. With the support of the TEAMKPN Sports Fund, the team can prepare itself even better for that goal.


Beach tennis
Beach tennis is a sport that is growing rapidly in popularity throughout the world. Anneke Rijks and Martine van Woudenberg have been the Dutch beach tennis team at the ITF Beach Tennis World Tour since the summer of 2022. Both women are in the top 200 of the ITF World Beach Tennis Ranking. Thanks to the support of the Fund, this team can take part in tournaments and gain points to push through to the European top level.

About the TEAMKPN Sports Fund
Since its foundation in 2015, the TEAMKPN Sports Fund has supported 24 national teams in sports that are recognized as top sports or international match sports, but that are not front-line sports. The sports teams utilize the temporary support to achieve outstanding performances such as competing in a World Championship or qualifying for the Olympic Games. Thanks in part to the support of the TEAMKPN Sports Fund, sports such as women’s softball, 49er sailing, and curling have attained elite status.