Simyo voted most customer-friendly telecom provider

Consumer survey puts Simyo in first place for customer friendliness

Simyo was today named the most customer-friendly telecom company in the Netherlands for 2022. In an independent survey, Dutch consumers gave Simyo an average customer rating of 8.00, the highest score of all the providers. So as well as being the best mobile provider, Simyo is also the most customer-friendly.

“Together we do absolutely everything we can to make our customers happy. From our customer service to IT. And we have been doing just that every day for more than 15 years. Making someone happy has never made anyone unhappy. In fact, that’s what makes our work so much fun!” says Bart van den Berg, proud managing director of Simyo. This year, Simyo was voted the best mobile provider in the Netherlands for the 25th time by the Dutch Consumers’ Association and also has a score of 9.7 for customer satisfaction.

A few months ago, Simyo also started selling cellphones (new and refurbished). That was in response to the wishes of many customers, as Simyo previously offered only SIM-only and prepaid subscriptions. “We realized that Simyo customers need a phone with their subscription, so we did everything possible to satisfy that requirement,” says Simyo Managing Director Van den Berg. “So I’m proud to see this reflected in the satisfaction of our customers.”

The Most Customer-friendly Company in the Netherlands is an independent continuous online survey among Dutch consumers that has been performed since 2007 by market research agency MarketResponse.

About Simyo
Simyo is a 100% online telecom provider and subsidiary of KPN. The telecom provider has become widely known for its service and flexibility and offers prepaid, SIM only and regular subscriptions. Simyo has already been voted the best mobile provider more than  25 times by the panel of the Dutch Consumers’ Association. And in 2016, Simyo became the first telecom provider ever to win the award for Most Customer-friendly Company in the Netherlands. In 2016, 2017, 2019 and 2020, Simyo was voted the Most Customer-friendly Telecom Company in the Netherlands by MarketResponse (formerly SAMR). Simyo has also been the best prepaid provider in the Netherlands for eight years in a row according to surveys by independent comparison site prepaidsimkaart.net.