KPN's CloudNL achieves sovereign cloud status VMware

KPN receives Sovereign Cloud Provider status from cloud partner VMware. This gives KPN recognition for protecting its customers’ vulnerable data and applications. As a result, KPN will join a highly select global group and the top three Benelux Sovereign Cloud Verified partners. KPN has received this status for its sovereign cloud CloudNL and for demonstrating compliance with the core principles of a sovereign cloud set by VMware.

“The need among our customers for a sovereign cloud is growing”, says Jilles Limburg, Wholesale Market Director at KPN. “More and more organizations, such as government and healthcare institutions, want data storage security in the Netherlands. In addition, they want to be able to comply with the applicable international laws and regulations. With CloudNL, KPN demonstrably ensures that data and applications reside in a virtual private cloud that is controlled, tested, managed, and secured in the Netherlands. Without the possible interference of third parties. I am hugely proud that VMware is now also giving us recognition in this regard, in the form of Sovereign Cloud Provider”. 

“KPN’s services are at the heart of Dutch society and achieving this partner status is a great milestone for them”, says Erik de Geus, Regional Senior Director Benelux at VMware. “CloudNL offers organizations the security of data storage in the Netherlands as part of their multi-cloud strategy. With Sovereign Cloud Provider status, KPN is joining a very select group of global VMware partners who meet the highest sovereign cloud standards.”

In a sovereign cloud, vulnerable data and applications are extra well protected, remain in Europe, and are subject to European directives and legislation. CloudNL goes one step further. All data and applications remain in the Netherlands. Customers have full control over their data, which reside in a virtual cloud in their own protected server environment in the Netherlands. In addition, CloudNL offers secure access to public clouds with the guarantee that data are and remain in the Netherlands, under Dutch laws and regulations.

Partnership KPN and VMware
KPN and VMware have been working for years in a strategic partnership to support customers’ digital transformation, to help them with innovation, and to accelerate their transition to the (multi-) cloud. The partnership consists of offering private cloud services and KPN’s CloudNL. Recently, connectivity has also been added to this with SD-WAN Premium.