KPN, T-Mobile and Vodafone introduce Mobile Connect security services

Better security of digital channels and prevent fraud

KPN, T-Mobile and Vodafone are intensifying their battle against online fraud by introducing Mobile Connect for digital service providers. Mobile Connect comprises a number of services for number verification and extra protection against account theft. It ensures that customers of digital service providers, such as banks and online shops, can log in and conduct transactions simply and securely. Users are also better protected against identity fraud via their mobile phone.

Because of issues such as COVID-19, the average Dutch resident is buying a lot more online, working from home and using social media more, resulting in a sharp increase in internet traffic. But cybercriminals are also benefiting from this trend and are operating in an increasingly refined and advanced manner. Online fraud in the Netherlands is growing, with a corresponding social impact.

The Dutch telecom providers KPN, Vodafone and T-Mobile believe it is important for consumers to be able to continue making secure use of the internet. As part of the Association COIN they have joined forces to combat online fraud and cybercrime. These new mobile security services, based on the international Mobile Connect standard, arose from this partnership.

The number verification service enables banks and online shops, as well as other digital service providers, to allow users to log in and verify their details simply. For instance, it is possible to check with the relevant telecom provider, on the basis of a mobile phone number, whether a user’s details are correct. Thanks to the extra protection against account theft, it can be seen clearly if a new SIM card has recently been issued. This creates extra security, making it possible to counter SIM swap fraud effectively. In this form of fraud criminals transfer the phone number to another SIM card, generally by falsifying the user’s identity, without the user being aware.

The Mobile Connect security services meet the AVG/GDPR laws and regulations and are available in other countries too. You can get more information on the available Mobile Connect services from KPN Wholesale and on the website of Coin: https://coin.nl/mobileconnect.