KPN stimulates circularity with Product circularity report

Fairphone first mobile phone supplier to produce a circularity report in partnership with KPN

KPN has far-reaching green ambitions. Our aim is to achieve 100% circularity in 2025. In short, this means that we pursue infinite use of products and materials. This can be done, for example, through smarter product design, use of recycled materials, extending the life of products and better recycling at the end of a product’s life. To gain insight into the degree of circularity of a particular product, KPN has been using ‘Product Circularity Reports’ since 2019. KPN uses software by Circular IQ and consultancy provided by KPMG for this purpose, obviously in collaboration with the relevant product supplier. In building their new device, Fairphone partnered with KPN to produce the Product Circularity Report for Fairphone 3.

“We ask our product suppliers to provide specific product data, such as a statement of materials used and features of the product design. Based on this data, Circular IQ and KPMG analyze the degree of circularity of a product, its carbon footprint, and make recommendations for further improvement,” explains Edwin Rutten, KPN’s circular economy consultant. “We discuss the analysis and recommendations with our suppliers and challenge them to explore and implement the recommendations. With each report, we gain a better understanding of the circularity of our operations and encourage innovation among our suppliers.”

Fairphone is the first mobile phone supplier that has partnered with KPN to produce a Product Circularity Report. To share some of the insights from the project, we created a joint publication and a podcast. Rutten: “Transparency is an important prerequisite in thinking about circularity. Although this is not yet a matter of course for every supplier, I'm pleased that more and more producers are willing to provide insight into their products and materials. This is how we’re greening the Netherlands together.”