KPN simplifies management of complex business networks

With SD-WAN Premium, KPN is taking the next step in service provision for companies

KPN is adding SD-WAN Premium to its Secure Networking services. This makes it easier for big companies to manage networks and to meet new requirements in the domain of reliability and security.

For bigger companies, network management is crucial for continuity and security. They often have various separate networks, for production and office automation for example, or for each business unit. Changes to these types of networks often have long turnaround times. With KPN’s SD-WAN Premium, these separate networks can be managed by a single overarching department and turnaround times are speeded up considerably.

That is also what the corporate sector and local authorities want. "SD-WAN Premium is able to optimize the quality of the network traffic (the quality of the service) in a unique manner. Among other things, it enables companies to transmit data on several connections at the same time", says Jilles Limburg, EVP KPN Corporate Market. "Routing via the KPN central firewall and/or integration with other applications are possible too. That combination makes us unique in the Netherlands.”

Reliable and secure
As companies that use SD-WAN Premium have control over user groups, applications and locations and as settings can be defined in great detail, the network can be made even more secure. The use of the KPN central firewall and/or integration with SASE KPN are possible too. Additionally, SD-WAN Premium complies with all the European privacy directives, so companies can be fully compliant and secure.

Partnership KPN and VMware
KPN developed the service in conjunction with VMware, a specialist in the provision of cloud services. KPN and VMware have been working for years in a strategic partnership to support customers’ digital transformation and accelerate their transition to the cloud or multicloud. Previously, this partnership comprised mainly the provision of private cloud service and KPN’s secure Cloud NL. SD-WAN Premium adds connectivity as well.