KPN seeks roommate in The Hague!

Are you looking for office space for your company in The Hague region? We’ve got too much space and would love to share our office with other companies!

We’re offering office space starting from 2,500 m² at the heart of the bustling Binckhorst close to the center of The Hague. Within walking distance from Voorburg station and just a few minutes’ drive from the motorway to Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and Utrecht.

KPN’s headquarters has been in Rotterdam since 2018. In addition, we also have offices spread across the country: from Groningen to Maastricht and from Amsterdam to Enschede.

Even before the corona crisis, we had more than enough office space. Meanwhile, we’ve fully embraced hybrid working and are discovering together what the best mix between office and remote working is for us. Exactly what that mix will look like is yet to be determined. But we do know that we will need less office space in the future.

That’s why we're looking for a roommate!

So, if you are looking for a spacious office building for your company with:

  • Its own parking lot
  • A crèche on the doorstep
  • Lovely walking routes through the Binckhorst during breaks
  • A variety of restaurants and a brewery in the vicinity (Fokker Terminal)

Then let us know, and perhaps we will be building mates soon!