KPN rewards your old telephone with money and a second life

Starting today, KPN customers can again earn money by handing in their old telephone. At KPN shops you can ensure that your phone is dealt with in a sustainable way, such as by re-use. Starting today, KPN is offering its customers a nice bonus, depending on the device.

For this scheme, KPN is working with Recommerce to ensure that the device you hand in is either given a second life, or is sustainably recycled. Recommerce focuses entirely on the reconditioning and recycling of mobile phones and other equipment that are handed in, and which deserve a second life. Customers can hand in their old devices via www.kpn.com/telefooninruilen. Here they will be offered a valuation and all the steps required to complete the transaction can be followed.

KPN, recognized as the most sustainable telecom brand, has launched this campaign to encourage customers to give their used phones a sustainable future. The telecom provider has set itself the goal of becoming almost entirely circular by 2025. To this end, KPN was the first Dutch provider to introduce the ecosim made from used fridges, and changed the color of the recognized SuperWifi charging points because they are made of recycled plastic. The KPN tv receivers are also recognized as being more energy efficient than the receivers of other suppliers.