KPN offers organizations extra security and control over internet traffic

Internet from black box to controlled environment

In collaboration with internet exchange NL-ix, KPN is introducing a new service for large corporate customers that allows them to connect directly, quickly, and securely to applications hosted on the public internet and outside the corporate network. Around 95% of all the internet traffic of Dutch organizations comes from some 2400 networks affiliated to NL-ix, including the three big Cloud Service Providers: Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud. Through this direct connection, which usually belongs to internet service providers (ISPs), traffic to and from these applications is shielded from ‘normal’ internet traffic. With this, organizations ensure themselves of end-to-end security as well as reliability, performance, and flexibility.

Elastic Interconnect has been developed by KPN together with NL-ix, one of the world’s largest internet exchanges and part of KPN. The new solution gives organizations direct control over their internet traffic through a direct, fast, and secure connection. This allows them to shield specific traffic from the public internet. In this way, this solution offers extra security. Organizations are also assured of good performance and receive very high reliability guarantees so that their data and applications are and remain accessible. In addition, the service offers real-time and historical insight into the traffic, so that any problems can be traced and resolved more quickly.

“The enormous acceleration that we are seeing in digitalization is making connections to applications that run on different locations and networks increasingly important for large corporate organizations. It is also crucial that these connections are optimally controlled and secure. By adding Elastic Interconnect to our Secure Networking portfolio, we are able to allow organizations to use data and applications in an extra-secure and controlled way,” said Jilles Limburg, KPN’s director of Large Corporate.

“With Elastic Interconnect we’re unlocking 2400 public networks for KPN’s corporate customers. The traditional internet has no ownership and offers no certainty in terms of performance or security. With Elastic Interconnect it does”, says Jan Hoogenboom, director of NL-ix. “This gives organizations insight and control over the traffic flows, even if they run outside their own datacenter or cloud environment.”

Secure Networking
Secure Networking is the integrated proposition of connectivity, network, and security services for KPN’s large corporate customers. It ensures optimal application performance, is flexible, and has a high degree of reliability and security.

Elastic Interconnect
Elastic Interconnect is an integral part of KPN’s Secure Networking service and was developed in cooperation with KPN subsidiary NL-ix. It offers grip and control over the traffic flows to and from public networks and the internet from an intuitive interface. This enables organizations to divide the internet into self-defined ‘slices’. A private slice to their own cloud environments (e.g. Azure or AWS), a trusted slice for traffic from and to trusted parties (e.g. SaaS suppliers) that is shielded from the public internet and a public slice for all other internet traffic.