KPN: more than half of SME customers have activated the 'Extra Secure Internet' functionality

Businesses increasingly aware of rising cyber risks

KPN is pleased to see that cyber awareness is increasing among businesses in the SME sector. And a growing number of corporate customers are taking action by opting for extra protection. Since the introduction of ‘Extra Secure Internet’, more than half of KPN’s SME customers have activated this service.

With ‘Extra Secure Internet’, a standard part of KPN EEN MKB, businesses are protected by the KPN network against unsafe websites that harbor viruses, malware and ransomware. KPN blocks these websites by means of a DNS and web filter in the network. A “virtual fence” is erected around malicious websites. Whereas in 2020 that happened for tens of thousands of malicious websites per day, the number had risen to more than 600,000 in 2022.

More and more companies are utilizing the benefits of hybrid working, the cloud and the Internet of Things. “A positive development,” in the view of Marieke Snoep, Chief Business Market and member of the Board of Management of KPN. “At the same time, dependence on digital technology is growing and we need to be aware that this makes us more vulnerable to cyberattacks. We help businesses by continuously detecting the quantities of malware directed at them. So I urge businesses to make security top priority and to activate ‘Extra Secure Internet’, which is available free of charge to our SME customers”.

Extra Secure Internet
KPN’s “Extra Secure Internet” ensures that businesses can use the internet more securely. In addition, KPN always advises supplementing this service with anti-virus software. This is because in addition to unsafe websites there are many ways in which cybercriminals can attack, such as via a USB stick or when the customer is connected to another network. Extra Secure Internet operates on all of our customers’ devices, and those of their employees and guests, that are connected to the fixed network (also via WiFi), such as laptops, smartphones, network equipment (printers) and smart devices such as thermostats and smart speakers. Customers can activate it simply in the MijnKPN Zakelijk environment. KPN is continuing to expand its security services in 2023 so as to give its customers the best possible protection against cyberattacks.