KPN Mooiste Contact Dagen: an unforgettable visit to the Rijksmuseum

A wonderful day out for 250 people for whom social contact cannot be taken for granted

Promoting social contact and combating loneliness amongst vulnerable groups are at the heart of the KPN Mooiste Contact Days. 250 people for whom social contact cannot be taken for granted were guests at the Rijksmuseum. Along with 250 KPN volunteers, they enjoyed a special experience and created some wonderful memories.

The guests were taken by bus to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam for the event, which took place on two separate days. The KPN volunteers received them like real VIPs and accompanied them during the tours. With time for a nice chat as well as enjoying the Dutch masters. Of course, the visit wouldn’t have been complete without a visit to ‘The Night Watch’.

The KPN Mooiste Contact Days are an initiative of the KPN Mooiste Contact Fonds, a fund that for the past 15 years has championed more social contact for vulnerable groups in society. “Loneliness is a major problem in the Netherlands: two in five adults feel lonely,” says Mark Versteegen, director of the KPN Mooiste Contact Fonds. “And not only the elderly. Also refugees and people with dementia or a mental impairment. A visit to the museum is an unforgettable experience and the conversations between our guests and the KPN volunteers make the difference. After all, there’s nothing better than enjoying art in someone else’s company.”

The guests at this edition of the KPN Mooiste Contact Days were chosen by a number of different organizations that are taking part in the program Ondernemen tegen Eenzaamheid [entrepreneurs against loneliness]. This is a program run jointly by the KPN Mooiste Contact Fonds and the Oranje Fonds in which 18 organizations have a common goal: to reduce the feeling of loneliness for as many people as possible in this country.

KPN Mooiste Contact Fonds
The KPN Mooiste Contact Fonds is an initiative of KPN and celebrates its 15th anniversary this year. The fund supports initiatives by various social partners aimed at stimulating social contact among vulnerable groups in society for whom this contact is something that cannot be taken for granted. The fund uses knowledge, ICT, resources and people (KPN volunteers) to change that.

KPN and the Rijksmuseum
Since the reopening of the Rijksmuseum in 2013, KPN has – as lead sponsor – not only made a financial contribution but has also supplied all services in the domain of telephony, data and ICT. KPN is one of the developers of the Rijksmuseum App and a digital partner of Operation Night Watch. Online live tours are organized for customers and, every autumn, thousands of customers are invited to the exclusive KPN Family Month. Via the KPN Mooiste Contact Fonds, KPN invites vulnerable groups to visit the museum.

Watch the video below, which shows the guests enjoying the visit to the museum. 

KPN Mooiste Contact Days Rijksmuseum