KPN is getting ready for the Viaplay launch on March 1

Fans can temporarily watch Formula 1 via KPN’s Viaplay Xtra in the weekends, in addition to the Viaplay app

KPN is ready for the launch of Viaplay and is offering customers an extra opportunity to watch Formula 1. As of March, the LIVE Grand Prix races on Viaplay can also be viewed on Viaplay Xtra via KPN TV channel 225. This gives KPN customers with a Viaplay subscription an extra viewing option: via the Viaplay app, streamed to the TV, or via channel 225 on your television. With this, KPN has set all lights to green for the new Formula 1 season.

In addition to watching via the app, Viaplay will temporarily broadcast Formula 1 races live in the weekends through Viaplay Xtra, on KPN’s TV channel 225. “With this, we’re offering KPN customers an extra opportunity to watch Viaplay in the first months of the new Formula 1 season”, says Jochem de Jong, KPN Partnerships Director. “Our TV viewers can now follow the races live on Channel 225, in addition to watching via the app or streaming them to their TV. The temporary channel will be available for all customers with a KPN Viaplay subscription.”

Earlier, KPN announced the free Viaplay offer for new customers and also a low-cost offer for existing customers. “Ever since, the interest has been very high. For new customers, everything is being prepared so that their switch will be in place in time for the start of the new Formula 1 season. It is important to make the switch in good time, because the first race will take place on 20 March. Make the switch soon and you can watch the entire Formula 1 season free of charge with Viaplay,” says De Jong. “If you’re a bit later, it’s not a problem. The free period only starts after activation.” From 1 March, existing internet and television customers can simply add Viaplay to the MijnKPN app, which will give them immediate access to the app, and they can also watch the races live on the temporary Viaplay channel, Viaplay Xtra, on their television.

KPN and Viaplay
At the end of last year, Viaplay and KPN announced a multi-year collaboration making Viaplay available to 3.6 million households in the Netherlands. Viaplay offers Dutch viewers a unique combination of premium live sports, Viaplay Originals, international films and series, and content for children. A wide range of devices and platforms will support Viaplay in the Netherlands, including smart TVs, iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, Chromecast and Apple TV, and PC and Mac.

Read more about the collaboration on kpn.com/viaplay

About Viaplay
Viaplay, Nordic Entertainment Group AB’s (publ) (NENT Group) streaming service, is available in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and the United States. In 2022, Viaplay will launch in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, followed by Canada, Germany, Austria and Switzerland towards the end of 2023. Viaplay operates streaming services, TV channels, radio stations and production companies, and its aim is to tell stories, touch lives and expand worlds. The NENT Group is headquartered in Stockholm, from where it reaches the world, and it is listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm stock exchange (‘NENT B’).

About KPN
KPN has been the leading supplier of telecommunication and IT services in the Netherlands for almost 140 years. Everyone in the Netherlands uses the KPN network directly or indirectly every day, from the fiber connections in the ground to the ATMs in stores or the matrix signs above the freeways. KPN serves consumers and business customers with telephony, data, TV, Internet of Things, cloud, workspace and security services via the nationwide network of the Netherlands, in which KPN is continually investing by laying fiber and rolling out technology such as the new mobile 5G network. KPN has an open network over which other providers also offer services. More information on www.kpn.com