KPN adds ESPN to Digitenne

Watching football will be even more enjoyable for Digitenne customers. From January 1, 2023, KPN will add the ESPN open channel to the TV channel list. This will make ESPN 1 available free of charge to all Digitenne viewers, and genuine sports fans will be able to add the second and third ESPN channels as an extra channel package.

"A wonderful winter of sport is approaching, so I’m happy to be able to share this news," says Gijs Isbouts of Digitenne. "KPN TV customers already have ESPN in the basic package; now sports fans with Digitenne benefit from it as well."

The open channel ESPN 1 will be available on channel 14. Digitenne customers with a paid subscription to ESPN can watch ESPN channels 2 and 3 on channels 25 and 26. "So all the Eredivisie matches will soon be available to Digitenne viewers as well," says Gijs Isbouts. As Digitenne uses frequency space, music channel Xite (channel 27), which up to now has been offered as a bonus station, will no longer be available.