'Gold' for best mobile network in the Netherlands

KPN is the best and fastest mobile network in the Netherlands for the fifth time in a row, also with 5G, according to an analysis by Ookla® over the second half of 2022. KPN receives special recognition in the form of gold Speedtest Awards, since it scores continuously as Netherlands’ Best Mobile Network since 2020.

In recent years Ookla compared the average performance of many hundreds of thousands of users of the various Dutch mobile networks. KPN came out on top since 2020, already 5 measurement periods in a row. In the past six months, smartphone users on KPN's mobile network also had the best coverage and the highest upload and download speeds, with 126.07 Mbps and 18.54 Mbps respectively. The 5G network also came out on top based on tests taken with Speedtest, with an average of 183.22 Mbps down and 36.54 Mbps up.

golden speedtest awards eng

“This is of course fantastic news for our customers, since they choose KPN because of the quality and reliability of our mobile network. Thanks to our network, everyone can call, use the internet, stream videos and enjoy services on their smartphone without any worries,” said Babak Fouladi, Chief Technology & Digital Officer and member of the Executive Board at KPN. “We come out on top in almost all major tests and benchmarks, also in comparison to the rest of the world. It shows that the renewal of our mobile network is good for our customers and we contribute to the ambition to make the Netherlands the best connected country in the world.”

Ahead of the introduction of 5G in 2020, KPN has started renewing its entire mobile network. The equipment of more than 5000 antenna sites, which provide mobile coverage in the entire country, has now been renewed. KPN has nearly completed this large-scale operation, which results in the most modern mobile network of the country with the largest 5G footprint. Also globally, KPN's mobile network recently came out as best-in-test.

About Ookla
Over the past six months, Ookla Speedtest® analyzed more than 260,000 samples from users of the various Dutch mobile networks. Then Ookla reported who is showing the fastest mobile network speeds and how the mobile coverage is doing. KPN comes out on top for three years in a row, KPN also scored best in Q1/Q2 2022, Q1/Q2 and Q3/Q4 of 2021, as well as in Q3/Q4 of 2020.

*Based on Ookla® analysis of Speedtest Intelligence® data for Q3/Q4 2022, Q1–Q2 2022, Q3–Q4 2021, Q1-Q2 2021, and Q3-Q4 2020. Ookla trademarks used under license and reprinted with permission.