Fixed internet in the Netherlands is doing better than ever

The internet in the Netherlands is doing well. Fast and stable connections, accessible subscriptions and a wide choice. Never before has so much fiber been rolled out as now. In the first video edition of the Stand of the Network you can see how KPN is making great strides in the Netherlands in the field of fixed internet and why this is so important.

State of the network
  • The Netherlands has one of the best and fastest fixed networks in Europe.
  • Before the end of 2026, KPN and Glaspoort will jointly provide approximately 80% of the Netherlands with fiber.
  • KPN's network is an open network. 75 providers for consumers and businesses are now active on the KPN network.
  • Consumers have a wide choice in price and quality. That way you get value for money.
  • Since 2016, Dutch households have been spending almost 20% less of their disposable income on telecom.