Fiber beats copper

KPN now has more customers who use fiber than those connected to the copper network. A major turning point in the history of KPN. And this number will only increase in the coming years because we are continuing to replace our existing copper network with fiber at full speed.

A fast and stable fixed internet connection is crucial for the further digitalization of our country. That’s why KPN is installing fiber in large parts of the Netherlands. A huge undertaking; more than 4,000 construction workers are connecting about 8,000 houses every week. That’s around 1200 per day, 150 per hour and 2.5 per minute. Day in, day out. At the end of April KPN reported that it had now connected 3.4 million Dutch households to fiber.

The number should be many more by the end of 2026. Together with the joint venture Glaspoort, KPN aims to have connected about 80% of the Netherlands to this best fixed network technology. Connecting is one thing, the next step is actually using the fiber cable. Fiber is being rolled out neighborhood by neighborhood and residents are being approached to make the switch. We have now reached a nice milestone: more KPN customers are using fiber than are using the copper network. And that difference will only increase in the coming years.