E_Room: the new high-tech home base of E_Oranje on the KNVB Campus

E_Oranje is the first official FIFA team in Europe to have its own E_Room, at the Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB) Campus in Zeist. The KPN E_Room will be the permanent home of E_Oranje for training camps and international matches and, thanks to KPN, it has the fastest and most stable fiber connections, which will allow the team to deliver top performances in the future, in the digital FIFA landscape. The Room is equipped with individual streaming spots, LED video walls in- and outside the Room, 360-degree ceiling cameras, hypermodern gaming chairs, and, of course, the latest streaming- and direction facilities that will ensure that fans at home can enjoy the matches to the full. This makes the KNVB the first football association to have all its teams training at one location. Now, the Dutch national team, the Dutch Women’s team – the ‘Lionesses’, and E_Oranje are all based at Zeist.

Today, the KPN E_Room was opened digitally by multiple FIFA champion and national E_coach Koen Weijland. E_Oranje will play its first international of the season against Norway, live from the KPN E_Room, in a 2 vs 2 best of 6 match.


Best facilities
"We have equipped the KPN E_Room with superfast, stable, and secure connections,” says Mark Versteegen, KPN’s sponsorship director. “Koen and the E_Oranje players now have the best facilities for training and playing international matches and for streaming all this live. Issues such as lag (delay due to a faltering connection) no longer play any role. It is as if E_Internationals can always train and play on the pitch at De Kuip, the Johan Cruijff Arena, or the Philips Stadium.”

“The developments in e-sports and gaming follow each other in rapid succession. It is only logical therefore that we launch the KPN E_Room for our E_Internationals,” says Jean-Paul Decossaux, the KNVB’s Commercial Director. “With KPN’s expertise, they can now make use of top facilities that match the top-sport level that the KNVB aspires to. It is yet another great addition to the KNVB Campus and we are proud that we can open the KPN E_Room at the start of the FIFA 22 season.”

E_Room vlog
Bron: KNVB

The KNVB started E_Football in October 2020. With this new range of digital football, the KNVB wants to enhance football fans’ experience and reach the largest possible number of physical football fans and E-football players and connect them with each other. The launch of E_Oranje, the KNVB’s national digital football team, has ensured that E_Football has grown rapidly inside and outside the KNVB. In January 2021, KPN committed itself to being a launch partner for the KNVB’s digital football offer. The opening of the KPN E_Room is a new highlight of the recently extended partnership between the KNVB and KPN.