Dutch TV providers together strong for Dutch football

DELTA, KPN, T-Mobile, and VodafoneZiggo present joint proposal to Eredivisie CV

Four Dutch TV providers – DELTA, KPN, T-Mobile, and VodafoneZiggo – are joining forces to support Dutch football and to enhance the viewing experience for all football fans in the years to come. As such, they have submitted a joint proposal to Eredivisie CV (ECV) to make football more widely available on television. Following this, the TV providers are keen to enter into talks with ECV regarding the Eredivisie television rights from 2025 onwards.

The television rights are currently operated by Eredivisie CV and a foreign party. A detailed and substantive proposal is now on the table to bring full utilization of those rights back to the Netherlands. Taken together, the Dutch TV providers have the reach to bring Eredivisie football to every Dutch household. This proposal will ensure that professional Dutch football continues to be accessible to everyone, as well as create a win-win situation for football fans, clubs, and Dutch TV providers.

The proposal was submitted to the ECV Executive Board today for consideration in the coming period, in consultation with the 18 Eredivisie clubs. A key aspect of the proposal is that the TV providers will not demand exclusivity. Further details and amounts will not be disclosed. The telecom parties are acting in accordance with applicable competition rules. The ACM was notified of the initiative at an early stage and will be involved as and when appropriate.