Budget Thuis and Youfone renew long-term agreements with KPN

KPN has recently signed multi-year agreements with Budget Thuis and Youfone. These wholesale providers extended their agreements by five years. The telecom providers announced this today.

Both Budget Thuis and Youfone have been supplying broadband, TV and mobile telephony to consumers and businesses over KPN's networks for years. As a results of these extensions, consumers are also assured of a wide range of services offered by various telecom providers in the coming years. There are now around 75 brands active on KPN's network.

KPN's networks are open networks. This means that other providers of telecom services can access the networks in order to provide their own services to consumers and businesses. Well-known names that have been using (one of) KPN's networks for years are: T-Mobile, Tele2, Youfone, Budget Thuis, Lebara, Tweak, Online.nl and Freedom. In addition, there are also many companies that provide services to business customers. Examples include Colt and Verizon.

Providers choose access over KPN's networks because they see opportunities to offer attractive telecom services to consumers and businesses over KPN's network. They rent capacity on the network instead of investing in it themselves, as KPN does on a large scale. KPN's role is to provide accessible access to its networks and to provide several services. Some providers have been working with KPN in this way for more than twenty years.

Michel van Wissen (Director Wholesale KPN): 'We are pleased that we have once again been able to conclude long-term contracts with these successful providers of mobile telephony and broadband services. It offers consumers and businesses a lot of choice in supply and prices. There is an offer for every need in the Dutch telecom market. I am proud that KPN makes this possible through its networks and wholesale services. At the same time, optimal use is made of our networks. This is important to enable significant investments in fiber networks and 5G, in order for everyone in the Netherlands to benefit from the digital future.'

Sebastiaan Rigter (sales director Budget Thuis): 'In addition to green electricity and gas, we also offer consumers SIM-only subscriptions and broadband, TV and fixed telephony under one roof. Also thanks to the cooperation with KPN, we have been able to provide our customers with reliable telecom services for Budget Mobile and Budget All-in-1. And these are important conditions for our customers. For us, this is the reason to continue our cooperation with KPN for a longer period of time.'

Valentijn Rensing (CEO of Youfone): 'Youfone appeals to a broad group of customers. KPN unburdens us by providing access to a network, through which we can offer high quality services. Plenty of reason for us to enter into a renewed agreement with KPN again for a longer period of time.'