PiM, the new option for secure and transparent login




Buckaroo to team up with identification app PiM

There is now a new way for consumers to register, log in and make payments. Payment service provider Buckaroo has entered into a partnership with PiM (Personal Identity Manager), a system for secure identification developed by KPN. The app can be used both by consumers and by companies.

Through the partnership with Buckaroo, consumers can use PiM to register with suppliers such as online stores and online services and then to identify themselves. This makes it possible to log into a variety of websites by using the app. So users do not have to remember several passwords and can store their data securely. Moreover, thanks to PiM the consumer has total control over what data is shared with what service.

PiM can be used online as a method of physical identification (e.g. for access & log-in and for savings programs) as well as in the online payment process for digitally signing documents. The identification app also ensures that web services always have the right customer data and reduces the risk of fraud by preventing the use of unsafe or frequently used passwords for logging in. PiM has been developed for Android and iOS.

A secure strongbox
“You can regard PiM as a secure digital strongbox”, says Kim Stolk of PiM. “On first use, the user creates a personal account with basic data. Initially, the standard details required are username, e-mail address and telephone number. Extra data such as bank account number and address can be easily added later.”

Partnering with Buckaroo
“We have confidence in the functionalities of PiM and can see the benefits of the identification app for online stores that combine identification with payments,” says Jeroen Jungerius of Buckaroo. “For instance, age verification when buying wine online or personal verification when taking out a subscription. In short, PiM is an excellent solution for identification during the payment process.”

“Thanks to the partnership with Buckaroo, we can enable our users to register for their favorite online platforms in a tried and trusted manner,” says Kim Stolk of PiM. “Over the last 15 years, Buckaroo has demonstrated its credentials as a reliable payment service provider in Benelux. We at PiM share the same mission as Buckaroo: to make secure internet solutions available in the Netherlands. So I am more than proud of the fact that we are partnering with them.”

How does PiM work?
The PiM app works with a telephone number or a QR code. The consumer downloads the app, enters his details and can then get started. The design of the app ensures that the personal data is validated and encrypted before being stored. That way, the company knows that the consumer is who he says he is. The app works with tamper-proof QR codes, so the consumer knows that the transaction is being done with the right company. In these times when fake internet companies are becoming increasingly common, PiM offers a solution for private and business markets alike.

About PiM:
PiM is an identification platform that is powered by KPN, with the aim of contributing to a secure network environment. PiM makes it possible for the Netherlands to become password-free, the keywords being security and user friendliness. This makes it easy for consumers to log in, fill in forms, register and identify themselves with a single simple QR code scan. The technology behind the identification software enables PiM to be used in a variety of ways. More info on: https://pim.app/zakelijk/

About Buckaroo:
In a turbulent world, shopping behavior is changing ever more rapidly. Businesses that embrace change are flourishing. We believe that every business is unique. That requires a personal payment solution. In this changing world we are developing – in partnership – payment strategies that accelerate growth. A distinguishing feature of Buckaroo is the complete payment service it offers, from smart checkout for e-commerce payments to comprehensive custom solutions for debt collection, subscription services, marketplace split payments and credit management. More info on: https://www.buckaroo.nl/oplossingen/betaalmethoden/pim

Contact PiM: Gerd De Smyter, Mediarelaties KPN
+31 (0)6 48226572

Contact Buckaroo: Lars Smit, Head of Marketing
+31 (0)6 58816954