More data and e-sim availability with mobile subscriptions KPN

Rotterdam, September 28, 2020 – With a more attractive offering for people who use mobile data occasionally, and even more data for heavy users, KPN is today making some changes to its mobile subscriptions for consumers and small business customers. In the course of October, KPN will also start to support the e- SIM, the digital SIM card that is increasingly being built into smartphones.

Even more data
From today, customers who need relatively little mobile data get even more for their money with KPN because the price of the 2GB and 5GB bundles are reduced by EUR 2.50. Customers who need a lot of data will get even more data at their disposal. The 10GB bundle is being replaced by 15GB and the 20GB bundle makes way for 25GB. The price of the popular offering KPN Unlimited Data remains the same.

Hussel discount, sharing GBs, and 5G
As a standard feature, all subscriptions offer unlimited calls and the possibility of sharing GBs with others. Customers who combine the mobile subscription with fixed services of KPN such as Internet or Internet & TV (Hussel) get a discount on the monthly subscription that can be as much as EUR 7.50. Another feature of KPN’s new mobile subscription is that it offers everyone access to 5G.

In the course of October all mobile subscribers (consumers and small businesses) of KPN can opt for a digital SIM card – the e-SIM. This is increasingly being built into smartphones and is the successor to the traditional SIM card. So a plastic card is no longer needed, which is better for the environment, and the e-SIM is simpler as well. When taking out a new subscription or switching SIM cards, it will no longer be necessary to wait for the new SIM card to arrive. Another advantage is that there is also room for an extra SIM card (dual SIM), allowing you to switch easily between a private number and a work number. As soon as it has been received, the e-SIM can be easily activated via the MijnKPN app.