KPN Security introduces Managed IAM

Delft, October 1, 2020 – KPN Security introduces Managed Identity & Access Management (Managed IAM). Managed IAM provides control over the administration and management of identities, including access to systems, applications and data, but without the complexity of managing an IAM solution.

Well-controlled access to information is crucial. Only the right people should have access to the right systems, applications and data. If this process is not set up properly, it can have serious consequences. For example, the privacy of customers, partners and employees, and thus compliance with laws and regulations can be threatened. Failing IAM processes can also harm productivity. It is a nuisance for employees, for example, if they have to constantly log in, or are wrongfully denied access to data.

However, managing identities and keeping access rights in order is a complex matter. A new employee must have access to the right IT systems from day 1, but in a secure manner. If a person’s role changes, due to, for example, a change in job, then the associated rights must also be adjusted. When leaving employment, access rights must be withdrawn immediately. This is a complex and knowledge-intensive process that is often included in general IT management, resulting in high costs and efforts.

The advantages of Managed IAM
With Managed IAM, KPN Security offers total peace of mind in the area of identity and access management. This managed service features all the standard building blocks, knowledge and expertise that an organization needs for a successful IAM project. With full control over the costs and compliance with laws and regulations at every stage of this provision.

KPN Security’s Managed provides, among others:

  • A proven solution. Managed IAM makes use of award-winning software from IAM specialist One Identity. As a Platinum Partner of One Identity, KPN Security offers the possibility of connecting organization-specific applications to the platform set up by KPN Security. KPN Security helps organizations protect themselves from start to finish, makes their digital transformations run smoothly, eliminates identity challenges and reduces their vulnerability to internal and external threats.
  • Optimal control. Organizations must be able to demonstrate at all times that they have the management of identities and access to systems 'in control'. The portal to our Managed IAM service provides, among other things, insight into the use and performance of the service and the required information to demonstrate compliance on the basis of legislation and regulations. Extensive reporting formats are possible.
  • Simplified management. Standardized building blocks simplify management, resulting in a shorter 'time to market' and lower management costs. KPN Security also takes care of updates, continuous adjustment and the development of new functionalities. Without the expense of bringing in outside expertise, the customer always has the most up-to-date and stable solution.
  • Access to expertise. From the project phase (including IAM workshops and the design of a Transition & Transformation plan) to managing implementation, customers can count on guidance from IAM specialists. Based on a road map developed with the customer, KPN Security’s consultants and specialists set up and support governance and work processes, prioritizing, prepping, and onboarding your applications. KPN service employees are available for first-, second- and third-line support.
  • Flexibility. Managed IAM grows stepwise with the needs and maturity of the organization. What’s more, the functional possibilities of the IAM platform are easily applied in phases to business processes and applications.

Always in control
“Organizations run serious risks when they lack an integral IAM policy. Think of the image damage that an organization can suffer from unauthorized access to information”, says Mathijs Valk, VP Identity Operations for KPN Security. “It is not for nothing that external auditors and accountants have made IAM a part of assurance and accountants declarations. With KPN Security’s Managed IAM, organizations are always in control, without the complexity of management and always with the right focus on their core activities.”

About KPN Security
KPN Security has played a crucial role in securing the critical infrastructure of Dutch organizations for decades. Every day, we help more than 1800 customers who rely on our knowledge and skills, and the most comprehensive security portfolio that is available on the market. We not only offer solid, ready-made security solutions for Identity, we also have a full range of services for managed security.

With more than 400 security professionals, we are the largest Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) in the Netherlands and market leader in the Dutch IT security market. This also includes a state-of-the-art Security Operations Center. We provide these SOC services to protect and monitor the ICT infrastructure of KPN and its business customers from, among others, our KPN Network Operating Center (NOC) in Hilversum. So that they can harness the opportunities of the digital world with confidence.

For more information, see https://www.kpn.com/zakelijk/security.html.