KPN helps with sustainable digitization of Europe

KPN is the first Dutch company to join the European Green Digital Coalition (EGDC), a consortium of companies that are committed to the sustainable digital future of the European Union. On Digital Day (19 March 2021) 26 CEOs signed a ​​declaration to that effect. The European Commission has announced that four new members are joining the EGDC: KPN, Siemens, Google and Uber. Other companies in the consortium include Accenture, Deutsche Telekom, Ericsson, IBM, Liberty Global, Microsoft and Nokia.

The purpose of the EGDC is to speed up the sustainability targets through digitization. For example, by using ICT solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in a variety of sectors such as energy, transport, agriculture and construction. This will speed up the sustainability and circular transitions of these sectors. Other ambitions are the efficient use of energy and materials, making the net impact of digital technology measurable and putting forward recommendations for the digital transformation of these sectors.

The EGDC members will work closely with the European Commission and will make regular progress reports. The first results will be presented in 2022.

Participation in the EGDC fits in with KPN’s sustainability targets, which have recently been scaled up. KPN is aiming to achieve net zero emissions in the chain by 2040. This means a further reduction in the emissions by suppliers and customers using KPN’s products and services. Sustainability is an integral part of KPN’s strategy. For instance, the company has been using exclusively green power since 2011, has been climate neutral since 2015 and aims to be virtually circular by 2025.

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