Free malware filter from KPN

Working from home makes privacy and internet security more important than ever

With effect from December 18, KPN became the first major provider to introduce a free malware-and phishing filter for all its internet customers. This filter protects customers against untrustworthy websites.

The needs and expectations of customers in this ever more digital society are constantly increasing, including in the field of security and privacy. Many people are working from home, and people’s private life is being played out increasingly digitally.

As internet security is one of KPN’s focal points, in the first quarter of 2020 KPN became the first major telecom provider to introduce DNSSEC, which checks whether a visited internet webpage is the right one. The introduction of the malware filter is a complement to this.

“Nowadays we are spending more time online at home, with an increasing number of devices,” says Jean Pascal van Overbeke, Consumer Market Chief and member of the Board of Management. “That requires an excellent and secure internet connection. KPN is building the best fiber network for that purpose, with integrity and security playing an important role. The introduction of the malware filter is an integral part of that development. With KPN you are secure online without any hassle.”

Malicious parties
KPN’s malware filter is a service that protects customers online against untrustworthy websites, thereby preventing them from falling victim to malicious parties that spread malware and/or undertake phishing expeditions. Malware includes computer viruses, Trojan horses, spyware and ransomware.

How does it work?
The malware filter is integrated in the network and checks automatically and anonymously whether the visited website is on a blacklist. If it is, the customer gets an error message on the screen. The customer can easily switch on the filter themselves with a single click. Subsequently, the entire fixed internet connection is protected, including all the household devices connected to that KPN modem.

Safe online
With KPN you are secure online without any hassle. KPN ensures that every connected household has a secure and protected internet connection. KPN makes internet secure by:

  • Providing KPN Veilig free of charge for up to five devices (including antivirus service, privacy for your apps and parental supervision)
  • The option to secure an addition ten devices with KPN Veilig
  • E-mail spam filter
  • Malware and phishing filter.

KPN is offering the malware filter straight away, free of charge to more than two thirds of its customers with home internet. For the remaining customers it will be available at the beginning of 2021. The malware filter will subsequently be made available also to customers with a mobile subscription.

For further information: https://www.kpn.com/service/internet/veilig-internetten/malwarefilter.htm