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Dutch football

KPN. The network of Dutch football

Football is connected to the Netherlands, our culture and our history. It is the country’s most popular sport. KPN supports Dutch football across the board, from the Eredivisie to amateur football, the Lionesses and of course Orange!

We use our ICT and telecom services to make the life of the millions of active and passive Dutch football lovers easier and more fun. With technology we connect the fans with their footballing heroes.

This is what we're doing for Dutch football:

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Lead sponsor of the Eredivisie

We will remain the main sponsor of the Eredivisie through the 2024/25 season. This is good news for Dutch football enthusiasts and for KPN TV customers, because they will be able to watch Eredivisie matches in the basic package via ESPN’s main channel.

KPN and the Eredivisie have been a perfect match for years. From 1990 to 2002, we were the main sponsor and the league even carried KPN’s former name, the PTT Telecompetitie. In 2014, KPN again partnered with the highest Dutch football league and, since the 2017/18 season, is once more the main sponsor. This partnership has now been extended for the next four seasons, with an option for another year.

We are intensively involved with Dutch football and support the sport in all its diversity. With the sponsorship of the eDivisie and E_Oranje, KPN is also able to connect with Dutch gamers.

Official partner edivisie and partner E_Oranje

As an official partner of the edivisie and launch partner of E_Oranje we are able to reach out to a large proportion of young gamers and expand our presence in the domain of esports and gaming in general. Esports is one of the fastest growing sports communities in the world. With our super-fast and stable fiber network and our ‘best on test’ mobile network, we are there as “the network of the Netherlands” for all gamers.



The edivisie is an initiative of the Eredivisie CV, in partnership with the 18 Eredivisie clubs, EA SPORTS™ and DreamHack. In the edivisie, esporters from the 18 Eredivisie clubs battle for the championship in the game EA SPORTS FIFA 21.

In the years ahead and in close collaboration with the edivisie we will produce several content formats for the edivisie community and gaming fans outside it. With edivisie players in the lead roles, KPN branded items will be displayed every week on the edivisie Instagram account and high-quality campaign-based video formats will also be available.



The KNVB’s new digital flagship is E_Oranje, with Koen Weijland as national E_coach. E_Oranje comprises several FIFA and PES players who during international FIFA and UEFA tournaments and international friendly matches play for the Netherlands. Very appropriate to a new generation who do not distinguish between online and offline. Playing digital football is part of their football experience.

Being launch partner of E_Oranje gives us, for example, a number of exclusive rights regarding the qualifying events and training camps organized by the KNVB. We are also developing in partnership with the KNVB an official KPN E_Room, which will serve as innovative home base of E_Oranje. Of course, the KPN E_Room will have the very best connections via both KPN fiber and 5G.

Partner of the KNVB

KPN has been a partner of the KNVB (Royal Dutch Football Association) since September 2017. With this partnership KPN supports Dutch football across the board, from the Dutch national men’s and women’s teams to the local amateur associations. This partnership makes it possible for our customers to discover the sport in a variety of ways: exclusive football incentives as match tickets, 'Trainen met Oranje' football clinics, an exclusive KPN football camp on the KNVB campus and various prize draws centering on matches. On the 'Oranjepleinen' – the places where supporters gather before matches – KPN organizes a variety of activities.

We offer amateur associations a variety of ICT and telecom services. These include KPN Hotspots for secure Wi-Fi, cloud services that facilitate mobile payments, and narrowcasting which allows associations to watch channels such as Fox Sports Eredivisie.

Through our partnership with the KNVB we also connect vulnerable sections of society with Dutch football via the KPN Mooiste Contact Fonds.
For example, the fund organizes KPN Football Friends Day and Christmas dinners take place for a total of 850 elderly people at 17 Eredivisie clubs every year.

We are partner of a number of large sports facilities where visitors can enjoy football. Read more about these partnerships.


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