Vlogger Enzo Knol, teacher for a day during “Greatest AI lesson”


Today saw the launch of the “National AI Course” for secondary schools, in the form of the “Greatest AI Lesson” at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision in Hilversum during the Dutch Media Week. In addition to the free “National AI Course Junior” app, teaching packages developed by FutureNL are now available for secondary school students. The National AI Course for secondary schools is being facilitated in part by KPN. During the Greatest AI Lesson Jim Stolze – initiator of the free course – and YouTuber Enzo Knol gave 100 students an insight into the world of artificial intelligence. And appropriate examples from everyday working practice were given by Hilde Garssen, Chief People Officer of KPN.

Artificial intelligence, AI for short, is one of the innovative technological developments of our time. It is even said that AI will bring about more change than the introduction of the computer, the Internet and the mobile phone. The purpose of the online National AI Course is to give people information about the potential and challenges of artificial intelligence.

Who learns young, forgets not when he is old
Hilde Garssen, Chief People Officer of KPN, was also present at today’s launch and explains why KPN is one of the partners of this course. “As one of the Netherlands’ largest employers, KPN has come on board as a partner to facilitate the course for high school students and thus help to increase knowledge about artificial intelligence among young people,” says Hilde. “It is important, especially when you are still at school, to find out more about AI and what potential the technology offers for your future. Students are preparing for a labor market that will be different from the one we know today – one in which AI will play a big role. Well trained people are needed for this. And who learns young, forgets not when he is old.”

More than 15,000 enrollments
The National AI Course for students consists of five online modules and a free teaching package, in particular for 13 to 15-year-olds. In five lessons they can find out about the potential of AI. Everyone who takes the course is awarded a certificate. As well as the 100 students who took the course given today by Jim and Enzo, more than 15,000 students have enrolled for the course. Additionally, the National AI Course Junior app can be downloaded free of charge from the app stores. More information and the teaching package for high school students can be found on https://futurenl.org/nationale-ai-cursus-junior-vo/.