TEAMKPN Sportfonds supports three new teams in 2020


Since 2015 sixteen national sports teams have received support from the fund

The Ivo de Bruin bobsleigh team, the Dutch women’s ice hockey team, and beach volleyball team Joy Stubbe and Marleen van Iersel will get support from the TEAMKPN Sports Fund in 2020. Sixteen national sports teams have received support from the fund since it was founded, in 2015.

Ivo de Bruin bobsleigh team
Thanks to the collaboration with the TEAMKPN Sports Fund the bobsleigh team of pilot Ivo de Bruin can prepare in the best possible way for the bobsleigh world championships in Altenberg (Germany) in February 2020. This competition is important with an eye to the qualification process for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

The bobsleigh team, comprising pilot Ivo de Bruin and brakemen Dennis Veenker, Joost Dumas, and Janko and Jelen Franjic, is delighted to have received a grant from the TEAMKPN Sports Fund. “The TEAMKPN Sports Fund is enabling us as a team to focus on good results and extra equipment. We can therefore invest in the support needed to achieve our ambition to compete in Beijing.”

Women’s ice hockey team
As well as the bobsleigh team the TEAMKPN Sports Fund is also providing support to the women’s ice hockey team, enabling it to prepare for division 1A of the 2020 world championships, in Angers (France). This competition is the second highest world championship level. The team will also compete later in 2020 in qualifying tournament for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

“This collaboration allows the team to make bigger investments in the training program and pre-match preparations. The team can develop thanks to extra training camps, for example. Extra training and more international matches allow the team to prepare even better for the world championships and the Olympic qualifying tournament in 2020,” says Jan Hopstaken of the Netherlands Ice Hockey Association.

Beach volleyball
Finally, the TEAMKPN Sports Fund has decided to provide support in 2020 to the beach volleyball team of Joy Stubbe and Marleen van Iersel to help them prepare for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Stubbe and Van Iersel, whose program is independent of the Association, desperately need the support of partners for that very reason.

“We are extremely pleased to have been chosen. It will definitely help us to make the best possible preparations for the Olympic Games,” Stubbe and Van Iersel acknowledge. “Since we started going our own way in 2017, we have had to work very hard, both on and off the court. The finances are always a challenge. So we are very proud when a partner like the TEAMKPN Sports Fund decides to provide us with support, and that gives us a lot of energy”, say Van Iersel en Stubbe.

Fine performances
Since the TEAMKPN Sports Fund was founded, in 2015, a total of sixteen national sports teams have received support and many of those teams have performed exceptionally well. For example, in 2018 the national men’s volleyball team qualified for the world championships for the first time in sixteen years and was subsequently awarded “A” status by the NOC*NSF. Another exceptional performance was that of the 49er yachtsmen. They received support in 2018 and 2019 and were recently officially nominated for the Olympic Games in 2020, so they have a chance of actually taking part in the Games.

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