Publication of KPN’s new segment disclosure

Today, KPN published its restated figures 2020, mainly related to the segment reporting and fully aligned with the strategic themes as outlined during the Strategy Update in November 2020. It also better reflects organizational steering of the company and the focus on mass-market service revenue growth.

The Consumer revenue breakdown and KPIs better reflect the focus on households and convergence. KPN will report on different household compositions and average revenue per address (ARPA), next to reporting on products and average revenue per user (ARPU).

The Business revenue breakdown clearly reflects the segmented customer focus for SME, LCE and Tailored Solutions with additional clarity on the Access & Connectivity and IT Services portfolios for SME and LCE.

The Wholesale revenue breakdown now better reflects broadband service revenues and other service revenues, such as visitor roaming, interconnect and voice services.

Through publication of this new segment disclosure, KPN finalizes its disclosure agenda as provided in Q1 2020. The factsheet with restated figures for the four quarters and full year 2020 is now available on the KPN website (ir.kpn.com).