Ookla: “KPN has fastest 5G Mobile Network of the Netherlands”

KPN’s brand new 5G network has been recognized by Ookla® Speedtest® as the ‘Fastest 5G Mobile Network’ in the Netherlands. This is apparent from the first independent strength test of the different Dutch 5G networks. KPN emerged as the winner with the fastest download speeds, thereby scoring best of all mobile operators in the Netherlands.

More than 15,000 tests were carried out in the Netherlands by random users of the Ookla Speedtest application during the third quarter of 2020. KPN came out on top with an average download speed of 179 Mbps. KPN expects the fourth quarter results to yield even higher average download speeds.

Babak Fouladi, Chief Technology & Digital Officer and member of the KPN Board of Management: “We are busy every day renewing our mobile network and making 5G available. A huge operation that means we’re now offering two thirds of the Netherlands an even better network experience and the fastest 5G experience in the country. We are proud that, despite the fact that we are still renewing our network, we are already the fastest 5G provider in the Netherlands. This underlines that we have made the right choice, with our focus on a genuine 5G experience with the 700MHz frequency band as a basis and a clustered rollout of the completely new mobile network throughout the Netherlands. This not only makes 4G better, but also offers our customers the best and fastest 5G experience in the Netherlands.”

At the end of July, KPN activated 5G in the Netherlands via its renewed mobile network and all KPN customers with a mobile subscription have immediately experienced the benefits: even more speed and greater capacity – at home, on the road, and in the office. What’s more, all customers with a suitable device can immediately use the 5G network that has now been tested as the fastest in the Netherlands. For the business market, KPN was the first operator in the Netherlands to introduce various business services. This allows, for example, drones to carry out autonomous inspections of company sites and enables emergency services, such as the ambulance, to arrive at their destination faster. This is where the real benefits of fast 5G lie; applications that our customers and our digitalizing society can use to build further.

* The fastest 5G network in the Netherlands based on analysis of (median) download speeds in Ookla’s® Speedtest Intelligence 5G data throughout the third quarter of 2020. The Ookla® trademark is used under license and reprinted with permission.