Maximo Ibarra: “Our employees are at the heart of our good reputation.”


KPN is once again among the companies with the best reputation in the Netherlands. That was demonstrated once again at the Reputation Awards ceremony yesterday evening in Amsterdam.

According to KPN CEO Maximo Ibarra, this is due to the efforts of all the KPN staff. On behalf of KPN Maximo accepted the Special Achievement Award, which designates top place in the Industry Adjusted Ranking. This is the second time that we have occupied the number 1 position in the ranking.

Reputation award2

Every year, the Reputation Institute measures the reputation of companies in 15 countries and 20 different industries. The scores are formed by surveying people’s feelings about a company. This is of course conditional on people knowing the company. The institute uses seven “reputation dimensions” for this purpose, including products and services, innovation, CSR, leadership and performance.

The Industry Adjusted Ranking is a separate category, for which the reputation scores of thirty companies in the Netherlands are adjusted for their particular sector. In this way, the scores of less popular sectors such as telecom, energy and banks are aligned with popular sectors such as the automobile, food and electronics industries.

In the overall ranking KPN was ranked in 11th place, a creditable three places higher than last year. The Reputation Ranking 2019 was headed by Philips.

Thanks to all KPN employees
Accepting the award, Maximo said that we owe it to all the staff of KPN. 'All the KPN staff contribute to the good reputation that KPN has enjoyed for many years. Employees in the call centers, the shops, the offices, everyone. The way they carry out KPN’s promises forms the basis for a good reputation in the head and heart of our customers, shareholders and society. This award is recognition for our company and for all the staff members that devote themselves to that objective every day; for everything that we do to make our customers’ lives easier; for the digital highway that we are building for the Netherlands and for the support we give to Dutch society to be sustainable and inclusive.'