KPN Veilig is being expanded - safely online with even more devices

Today KPN is expanding KPN Veilig, the online security program for internet-connected devices. From today, customers can protect ten to twenty extra devices instead of the current five. Private and SME customers with an internet subscription that included free security for two devices, had an option to extend this to five devices at an additional charge. This additional package has now been expanded to ten extra devices for the same price of € 4.99.

There is even an option to protect twenty extra devices for € 9.98. Customers who are currently paying for device protection get the extension to ten extra devices at no additional charge. They will receive a personal message about this and they do not need to take any action.

Internet security has increasingly become a topical issue since the corona crisis began. Cybercriminals are hitting harder and more frequently. And the increased level of homeworking makes it even more important to be well protected. In addition, the number of devices per household has risen in recent years. For example, children are getting more – and faster – access to digital devices such as phones, laptops and tablets.

KPN Veilig can be used for more than just computers and laptops. Unfortunately, cybercriminals are attacking increasingly often via mobile devices. But KPN Veilig offers protection to tablets and smartphones too, so customers can work, learn, shop, mail, bank and game online safely.

KPN Veilig protects against viruses and malware and checks apps for privacy risks. With KPN Veilig it is also possible to configure parental control and to locate a missing device.

Security and privacy with KPN

The expanded service is part of KPN’s strategy of ensuring that everyone can be connected online problem-free, anytime, anywhere. Needless to say, that applies to our customers. But we believe that digital networks for everyone, wherever they are in the world, should be an enhancement and never a threat. Being connected makes our lives freer, easier and more enjoyable. That is possible only with a reliable and secure network.