KPN Security publishes the latest Cyber Security Perspectives edition

The latest issue of Cyber Security Perspectives is available now. This annual magazine, published by KPN, features analysis from and interviews with leading security experts. They offer their views on key trends and developments in their field. The overarching theme is the social relevance of cyber security, and the role that entrepreneurs in the Netherlands play in making our society more secure.

“We see a crucial role for organizations such as KPN to share their knowledge and, together, we can make the Netherlands more secure”, says Erno Doorenspleet, CTO KPN Security. This message, which he conveys together with Hans Buurman, EVP Integration at KPN, is also reflected in the magazine. “Security does not stop at your own front door. It is important to look beyond your own organization. Your security is also dependent on the security of your partners.”

“This is another reason why KPN encourages knowledge sharing”, Doorenspleet continues. “We do this through, among other things, the annual security event NLSecure[ID], and through the magazine Cyber Security Perspectives. In this publication, experts shed light on the subject of cyber security. We want to inspire others with such insights.” 

Some of the topics covered in the 2023 issue of Cyber Security Perspectives include:

  • The social impact of security 
    The work of security professionals has an impact on society. Unfortunately, this is still inadequately recognized, according to Artie Debidien, Chief Information Officer B2C & Enterprise Solutions at KPN. She’s calling for cyber security to be included in the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) framework and for CEOs to adopt a more activist stance.
  • Circles of Trust
    Security is only as strong as the weakest link in the chain. According to Aernout Reijmer, CISO of ASML, this is why you should also help your fellow security professionals get their security in order. ASML fulfills its social responsibility by helping its peers in the cyber security field within so-called Circles of Trust.
  • People as the strongest link 
    We have often heard it said: people are the weakest link when it comes to security. A negative statement that, moreover, does more harm than good. According to the psychologist and TNO researcher Rick van der Kleij, humans are actually the most important line of defense against cyber incidents. Safe human behavior is crucial in this regard. This is why he’s advocating not only for the rehabilitation of humans, but also a key role for psychologists in the security field. 
  • Red teaming: the ultimate test of resilience
    It is the ultimate test for measuring your resilience: red teaming. This involves a group of ethical hackers simulating a sophisticated cyber-attack, without employees being aware of it. The Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital was the first Dutch healthcare institution to venture into this exercise. CISO Joost Boele tells of his experiences in the magazine. 
  • The (mental) impact of a ransomware attack
    A severe ransomware attack demands the utmost from employees. Marcel de Boer, financial director of Hoppenbrouwers Techniek can attest to that. In fact, such an attack can demand so much from them that it leaves mental scars. Inge van der Beijl, Behavior & Resilience director at Northwave, explains how to prevent long-term psychological complaints among your employees. 


All the experts also participated in the security event NLSecure[ID] in January. The magazine elaborates on the topics covered. With both initiatives, KPN Security is stimulating information exchange, knowledge sharing, and cooperation between Dutch security professionals. The September edition of NLSecure[ID] will take place on 26 September this year. You can register for free via this page.

Cyber Security Perspectives appears in print and online. You can read the magazine here.

The September edition of NLSecure[ID] will take place on 26 September this year. You can register for free via this page.