KPN publishes sixth edition of the European Cyber Security Perspectives


Cyber security has never been more prominently present in the media as it is today. Everyone still remembers the two major Intel vulnerabilities at the start of 2018. And several large DDoS attacks which managed to bring down online banking services in the Netherlands. Within the threat landscape we see a shift from the individual hacker to advanced hacker groups and state actors. Which means it is even more important that we work together to overcome boundaries and increase our resilience against these threats.

We will have to invest even more in cyber security but also in our relationship with partners and suppliers. Trust is becoming increasingly important in the geopolitical playing field of cyber security. We need that fundamental trust to be able to work together, but it needs to be verified regularly and thoroughly, according to Jaya Baloo, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at KPN.

That is why KPN has created the sixth consecutive European Cyber Security Perspectives report, which is published today March 11, 2019. In collaboration with both national and international renowned organizations from the government, private sector and universities.

Partners who contributed to the 2019 report are NCSC, Europol, The Dutch National Police, Deloitte, Kaspersky Labs Benelux, Hack in the Box, Accenture, Checkpoint, AnalyzeData, PWC, TNO, ID Quantique, The Pirate Party, Leiden University, Eindhoven University of Technology, University of Illinois, Delft University of Technology, University of Amsterdam, QuSoft, and KPN.

The influence of (geo) politics within the cyber security playing field is growing. Sergei Boeke (Leiden University) explores the the topic of Cyber Warfare in his article and Matthijs Pontier (Pirate Party) writes about the potential need for a Ministry of Digital Affairs.

The DDoS attacks on large banks showed how relatively easy it is to bring down the digital services of big companies. That is why preventing such attacks is of great importance. Rien Jansen (National Police) and Jesse Helder (KPN) describe in their articles possible mitigating measures against this many-headed monster.

About the European Cyber Security Perspectives 2019
The European Cyber Security Perspectives is a partnership of the Dutch National Police, the Dutch National Cyber Security Centre and a number of companies including KPN. KPN brought the parties together and published the report. The idea is that collaboration and knowledge is essential in the field of cybersecurity. The purpose of the report is to share this knowledge with the broader public.