KPN makes corporate network safer with an advanced security platform

Cybercriminals are increasingly creative when it comes to inventing ways to access company assets, endangering companies’ security and continuity. The threat from cybercrime is on the rise as they exploit known and unknown vulnerabilities or mislead employees with advanced malware and phishing. For this reason, KPN has added Central Firewall to its network proposition Secure Networking. The high-quality managed security platform provides continuous current and adequate protection against even the most recent cyberthreats.

Central Firewall provides an extra secure central connection between the company network and the internet, for both incoming and outgoing network traffic. Central Firewall stops attacks and gives insight into current threats. Because it is proactively managed by KPN, customers are assured of optimal performance and always being up to date. Central Firewall is part of Secure Networking, a fully integrated range of network services for the corporate market.

Secure and reliable
Employees are increasingly working in multiple locations, causing tremendous growth and increased complexity in network traffic. KPN provides support for this complexity with Central Firewall. If necessary, suppliers, customers and partners can also log in securely to the company network. Meanwhile, a combination of advanced and integrated security modules provides a powerful defense against cybercriminals and conscious or unconscious human errors.

Central Firewall also guarantees privacy and business continuity by minimizing the risk of data breaches and the resulting damage to reputation. For this reason, the service is always running in KPN’s network.

Less chance of outage
“Adding Central Firewall to Secure Networking allows us to offer a fully integrated solution to customers who have ever higher demands on their network nowadays,” said Marcel van Oirschot, KPN’s Security Director. “Moreover, we’re doing this from a secure KPN datacenter in the Netherlands. By reducing the chance of systems outage, we are contributing to the continuity of their business.”

Secure Networking is part of Smart Combinations, clever combinations of network -, ICT- and security services that KPN introduced last year for corporate customers. They work seamlessly together, meet the latest product and security standards, and are easy to manage and use. In addition to Secure Networking (for a reliable and secure network) Cloud Communications (optimal accessibility for organizations and employees) is also part of Smart Combinations.

For more information visit kpn.com/secure-networking.

About KPN
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