KPN is “The network of the Netherlands”


KPN, in collaboration with ACHTUNG! mcgarrybowen, introduces a new brand campaign, campaign style, pay-off and TV commercial.

Dutch icon modernizes and makes itself more attractive to the whole of the Netherlands
KPN is one of the strongest and oldest brands in the Netherlands and has been a Dutch icon for 140 years.

Research shows that customers think that the KPN brand stands for and is one of the most reliable and service-oriented providers in the Netherlands.

Yvette Belt-Beekman, KPN Director of Brand & Marketing Communications: ‘That means that we want the KPN brand to appeal to an even bigger group of Dutch people. We have a great starting point for this. With "The network of the Netherlands", we want to show that KPN is an essential part of society and that it is the network that connects all Dutch people and every Dutch company. We’re celebrating and strengthening the ties that KPN has with the Netherlands and the ties that Dutch people have with each other.’

KPN wants to be the Netherlands’ undisputed quality provider with the best telecommunication services, customer service and networks. It aims to serve all customer groups in the various segments with the KPN brand, from beneficial services to premium services. That’s why, since the beginning of this year, KPN has put all its focus on the KPN brand into communication with customers, expressed through a newly developed brand style.

Mark Muller, creative director at ACHTUNG! mcgarrybowen adds, ‘KPN brings people further by bringing them together. KPN has been doing this for 140 years. The role of connector is at the core of the brand. That is timeless and perhaps more relevant today than ever. KPN taught the Netherlands to call, to SMS, to app – and ensures that everyone can be part of all the new developments that are still to come.’

The Netherlands is changing rapidly
KPN wants to remain connected to its customers’ experiences and lifestyles. The Netherlands is modernizing and diversifying rapidly. We Dutch are digital pioneers, we embrace a modern lifestyle, and that influences behavior and expectations. To keep up with those changes, both in the lives of our customers and within our company, the KPN brand is being redesigned and refreshed. In this way, the brand, the communication, and the appearance will be ready for the future.

New campaign style
The new campaign style has been developed by design agency Dietwee in cooperation with ACHTUNG! mcgarrybowen. Bart Heideman, design director at ACHTUNG! mcgarrybowen explains: ‘With the new campaign style, we want the whole of the Netherlands to feel that KPN is continuing to innovate, but the brand must remain appealing and accessible. The new campaign style has been optimized to come into its own in the digital age.’ Tirso Francés, creative director at Dietwee, adds: ‘The green shapes are a visual translation of KPN’s role in the Netherlands and are a powerful and recognizable graphic element. They symbolize the connection between everything that takes place on our network and ensure clear brand recognition.’

The new brand film functions as the official kick-off of the campaign, which has also been featured on the streets in recent weeks. The starting point of the new brand film is that a network is nothing without the people within that network. People make the network. We share our emotions and moment via the network. And KPN has been making this possible for 140 years.

The campaign is the first work to emerge from the new collaboration after the winning pitch in July and has been shown in recent weeks out-of-home and on social media and is being rolled out throughout the whole of the Netherlands from today.

Customer: KPN
Agency: ACHTUNG! mcgarrybowen
Design: Dietwee in collaboration with ACHTUNG! mcgarrybowen
Production: CANADA (film), Jones Kuhne (photography)
Directed by: MANSON
Photography: Bibian Bingen, Casper Kofi
Music: Antfood
Post-production: The Ambassadors
Grading: Joppo @ de Grot
Media agency: Mindshare, Greenhouse Group