KPN is Consumentenbond’s ‘Best on Test’ for all-in-1 and mobile


Consumentenbond has judged KPN the ‘Best all-in-1 provider’ and ‘Best mobile provider’ in the Netherlands. A great acknowledgment by KPN’s customers of the products and services and of all the employees who make a difference every day.

Best all-in-1 provider

KPN scores best for the quality of fixed Internet, telephony, television and customer service. For the past five years XS4ALL has been the top scorer. This quarter, KPN has been declared Best on Test with 8.1 for customers with an Internet and TV package via optical fiber.

Best mobile provider

Consumentenbond’s customer panel has also rated the quality of KPN’s mobile subscription as 8.2. Customers are very pleased with every aspect: network coverage, telephoning, Internet, and texting. There are less reports of administrative problems and the number of people who have suffered from slow Internet has also gone down. In the previous ProviderMonitor, KPN shared first place with Simyo and T-Mobile.

Every month, thousands of Consumentenbond panel members share their experiences of providers. They judge the quality, report any disruptions, and indicate how satisfied they are. Consumentenbond bases the test scores on this consumer data.

The total test score comprises various elements, both for ‘mobile’ and for ‘all-in-1’.

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