KPN involved in European research project 5G-Blueprint

KPN is one of the participants in the ‘5G Blueprint’ consortium that will conduct research into the technology, organization and business case for remote-controlled logistics and transport in the border region. This project, coordinated by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, has been awarded a grant of 10 million euros from the European program for research and innovation, Horizon 2020.

Data exchange and the use of remote-controlled vehicles and vessels in the border region Vlissingen – Ghent – Antwerp will be implemented from September 2020 and how logistics can be made more efficient and sustainable will be examined. The project aims to achieve a blueprint for a pan-European rollout of telecommunications such as 5G for logistics sectors.

Specifically, it will investigate how real-time data exchange between vehicles and vessels, terminals and power stations, and the remote control and support of, for example, trucks and boats, can contribute to greater efficiency in the logistics chain. In cooperation with the other consortium partners, the technical and economic feasibility will be examined, as well as security aspects, responsibilities, collaboration and standardization.

KPN is pleased to be able to contribute to the advancement of logistics and mobility in the Netherlands and Europe with mobile telecoms technology, and by taking on a coordinating role with respect to the network’s requirements for services that cross national borders. For KPN, participation in ‘5G Blueprint’ is a logical step given ongoing EU projects Concorda and 5G-MOBIX, which are testing advanced mobile network technology for applicability within (future) mobility concepts. KPN is also involved in the 5G FieldLab Automotive in Helmond, experimenting with the connectivity of autonomous vehicles and intelligent transport systems.

More information:

See here the press release from the European Commission announcing the awarding of the grant. And here the press release from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

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