KPN introduces the Wifi Tuner, the online tool that allows customers to get the very best out of their Wi-Fi


Wi-Fi throughout your home: from today, that’s the promise KPN makes to all its customers with an internet-voor-thuis subscription. The new Wifi Tuner, an online do-it-yourself tool, makes an analysis of the Wi-Fi quality at the customer’s home and improves the Wi-Fi signal straight away. This means that every home can get the best possible Wi-Fi coverage. The Wifi Tuner is in keeping with KPN’s ambition of offering all its customers good, secure and reliable Wi-Fi throughout the home, as a standard part of the internet subscription.

The features that people expect of an internet connection have grown considerably in recent years. A reliable connection with minimal delay is essential for many services that enrich customers’ lives. That requires a good Wi-Fi signal throughout the home, from living room to attic. The signal that comes into the customer’s home is usually more than adequate but can be delayed inside the home. The use of the Wifi Tuner enables customers to measure the Wi-Fi signal throughout the home and improve it where necessary.

Tailor-made solution

Customers can take measurements at several places in their home with the Wifi Tuner. This gives a good picture of the Wi-Fi quality and a tailor-made solution is then offered to customers. The Wifi Tuner can result in a variety of solutions. The solution is different for each customer because the situation in every home is different. For instance, the Wifi Tuner can change software settings immediately, thereby strengthening the signal. Another potential solution is changing the channel; if this is likely to help improve the Wi-Fi, modem settings can be reset. In some homes the Wi-Fi quality might not improve immediately when the Wifi Tuner is used. So, in some situations the customers may be eligible for a new modem and/or one or two Wi-Fi boosters.

Customers who have already used the Wifi Tuner have a positive opinion: 98% of the customers who gave feedback after using it said that they now have a better Wi-Fi experience.

Go to kpn.com/wifi for more information about the Wifi Tuner.