KPN introduces new mobile subscriptions for SME customers of KPN ONE SME


KPN introduced new mobile subscriptions for its SME customers. The data bundles of most subscriptions have been increased. The portfolio has also been expanded with the Premium+ subscription, which allows customers to use their subscriptions in the US and Canada at no extra cost, in the same way as they do in the Netherlands and the EU. This subscription also allows for unlimited calling from the Netherlands to other EU countries, the US, and Canada.

Corporate Mobile Internet

For customers who want to use mobile Internet on their laptop or tablet, KPN now offers Business Mobile Internet 2018. Business Mobile Internet 2018 consists of two SIM-Only subscriptions: Business Mobile Internet Basic (1 GB Internet in NL/EU) and Business Mobile Internet Standard (10 GB Internet in NL/EU).

Extra options

Customers can make free use of a number of extra options, including a Device Replacement service, Visual VoiceMail, and automatic sharing of minutes and data with colleagues with the same subscription. For a fee, there are a range of options available to customers, such as My Meeting Number, various international bundles, and the Business Mobile 2018 Data SIM.

Static IP-address for mobile phone

A new paid extra option is the Business Mobile Static IP-address. With a Business Mobile Static IP-address, customers get a static IP-address for their mobile data connection. This gives the customer easy access to his company network via, for example, a VPN, for connecting to the company network off-site. This option is available for Business Mobile 2018, Business Mobile Data SIM, and Business Mobile Internet 2018.

For more information about these subscriptions, entrepreneurs can call or visit KPN.

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