KPN introduces new generation modem with Wifi 6

KPN is about to introduce the KPN Box 12, a new generation modem that is greener, faster and more user-friendly and that also makes use of the latest WiFi technology. KPN is the first telecom company in the Netherlands to integrate WiFi 6 technology in its own modem.

“At KPN we are in the vanguard of technology and we like to look to the future as well,” says Stijn Nuijten, KPN’s head of marketing and products. “There has been a rapid rise in the demands we all make on the internet. Having a reliable and secure connection is very important and the use of the internet is now really intensive: for working, learning, entertainment and staying connected. The new modem has greater capabilities and, along with a free choice of modem and the FRITZ!Box modem, is one of the cornerstones of the next-generation digitization of home and office environments. We have high expectations of the possibilities of the next generation of WiFi technology."

The benefits of WiFi 6
The new modem is equipped with WiFi 6, a new technology that has been available since last year and is the successor to WiFi 5, which has been the standard for the last five years. It communicates more smartly and efficiently and also functions with all existing devices. For instance, greater speeds and better reaction rates can be achieved by many more devices simultaneously.

The new WiFi 6 technology also makes the internet connection at home or at the office more stable. There is a lot less interference from the signal of other WiFi networks in the house or the neighborhood. This enables online gaming, video calls and live TV streaming to proceed more smoothly.

User-friendly and green
The new modem is both more user-friendly and more eco-friendly. It is user-friendly because it is preprogrammed to fit perfectly into KPN’s network and for Internet use; WiFi, TV and telephone each have their own LED lamp. This shows clearly whether all the services are in full working order.

The modem is greener because it uses less power. Through smarter use of data, the modem communicates with devices only when necessary. Devices no longer have to be switched on all the time but can be on standby. This is especially handy for devices that run on batteries that cannot easily be recharged, such as a smart doorbell or a sensor. The outside of the modem is made of 100% recycled material. This is one more step in KPN’s ambition of being virtually circular in 2025.

KPN Box 12 and freedom of choice
From now on, the KPN Box 12 is the modem that will be supplied to customers as standard; it is fully preset to fit perfectly into the network. Customers do not have to adjust any of the settings. For customers who want greater freedom in setting up their internet network, KPN has also recently introduced the option of using their own modem or the FRITZ!Box modem.

The KPN Box 12 has already been supplied to 1800 customers as part of a pilot. All new KPN internet customers will automatically receive the KPN Box 12 as soon as the results of the pilot have been processed. The modem will be made available gradually to existing customers. The KPN Box 12 works effortlessly with other WiFi standards. However, WiFi 6 technology functions best in combination with other devices that are ready for WiFi 6. For further information: www.kpn.com/wifi-6

KPN Box 12