KPN enhances user experience with mobile calls and SMSes using WiFi


Today KPN introduces mobile calls and SMSes using WiFi, as a supplement to calling via 4G (VoLTE). This will make it possible to also remain accessible, make calls and receives SMSes in places where mobile network reception can be poor, such as well-insulated new-build houses and office buildings.

If the mobile signal is inadequate but there is a WiFi network in the vicinity, the mobile device automatically switches to WiFi. This means that customers can continue calling and sending SMSes without disrupting or slowing down the connection. Once the mobile signal is optimal again, the device automatically switches back to the mobile network. The quality of calls and SMSes via WiFi depends on the quality and strength of the WiFi signal.

“Mobile via WiFi” has been tested extensively in the past few months, in partnership with Samsung. From today, this solution is available to customers who already make calls via 4G (VoLTE) and have a Samsung smartphone with the right software update. KPN expects to offer support for iOS 12.1, for the iPhone 6 and higher, in mid-November.

More information

Mobile via WiFi is being introduced in phases. For more information go to: www.kpn.com/mobielviawifi