KPN and Apple collaborate on recycling the iPhone


In the run-up to Earth Day on 22 April, KPN is working with Apple to collect iPhone devices. This concerns devices that are no longer in use. From today, anyone who wants to participate can hand their phone in at a KPN shop. They are dismantled by Daisy, Apple’s innovative recycling robot, and the valuable materials are then reused.

For every device handed in up to and including 30 April, KPN will make a donation to the ' KPN Mooiste Contact Fonds', a foundation that reconnects people who feel lonely, to the world around them. Daisy will also recycle non-usable iPhone devices that are returned to KPN after 30 April.

'We have ambitious goals regarding circularity at KPN. We’re trying to use less materials, to improve the lifespan of products, and we’re taking measures to reduce our waste production to zero', says Hans Koeleman, Chief Corporate Communications & Corporate Social Responsibility at KPN. 'The collaboration between Apple and KPN fits in perfectly with our sustainability strategy.'

KPN announced last month that customers can hand in their mobile phones to KPN. Both customers and non-customers can hand in their phone at one of the KPN stores. They are partly reimbursed for it, depending on the age and condition of the phone. They can put this amount towards the purchase of a new device or accessories.