Jaya Baloo to leave KPN as CISO, remains Quantum Ambassador


Jaya Baloo, Chief Information Security Officer, has decided to leave KPN on 30 September 2019. She will take the next step in her career as CISO of Avast. A successor will be named in due course. After her departure at the end of September, Jaya will continue advising KPN in domains such as quantum technology. She will remain the Quantum ambassador of KPN, internationally and in the Netherlands, so as to ensure that KPN can play a leading role in a new quantum Internet and in providing post-quantum security.

Having previously worked for KPN, Jaya returned to KPN in 2012 in as Chief Information Security Officer. Jaya says about her departure: “I have really enjoyed working for KPN, going through many wonderful but challenging times, but most of all it was great to work with some tremendous professionals. Now it’s time for a new adventure as CISO of Avast, the world’s biggest provider of anti-virus protection. KPN has always felt like family to me, a powerful, tight-knit team. The employees of KPN, and Information Security in particular, do fantastic work, day after day. They keep KPN safe and reliable. I wish them the best for the future.”

Babak Fouladi, CTDO KPN: “I have greatly enjoyed working with Jaya Babak,” says Fouladi, KPN CTDO. “I admire her expertise, her power as a person and her strength as a very committed manager. We will miss Jaya in all respects. But above all I hope that she achieves great success in her next challenge.”

Joost Farwerck, COO and member of the Board of Management is grateful to Jaya for her contribution to KPN. “Jaya and I have worked together intensively in the past seven years. I respect and admire the way she has performed her role. She has set up an Information Security team that has become one of the best teams in the world and has won many prizes and a great deal of appreciation. Thanks to a large extent to Jaya’s efforts KPN has become known as a safe and reliable service provider. I’m pleased that we will maintain our association with Jaya in the future as she will be an adviser to KPN in the domain of security and quantum.”