Don’t click systematically on every link (but DO click on this one)


The number of traditional criminal acts such as robberies, break-ins and crimes of violence is declining, but the current digitization gives rise to other risks: the CBS has calculated that 1 out of every 9 people was a victim of cybercrime in 2017.

Internet criminals are gradually becoming more skilled in getting access to computers, tablets and smartphones. So it is important that users become more alert online. Last Saturday was National Security Day, a day devoted to cybercrime and how to prevent it. Needless to say, KPN has a role to play in that.

Consequently, last Saturday, as part of the National Security Day, our Chief Information Security Officer, Jaya Baloo, signed the Prevention of Cybercrime covenant, in the presence of Minister of Justice and Security Ferdinand Grapperhaus and Secretary of State for Economic Affairs and Climate Mona Keijzer. The covenant signals the launch of the public campaign against cybercrime: ‘Eerst checken, dan klikken’ (Check before clicking). This government campaign is supported by a large number of partners including the banking, ICT, internet and telecom sectors.

Click deliberately or don’t click at all

The principal message in the national campaign: Don’t click systematically on every link. Look carefully before you click, don’t get distracted, and click deliberately. Through radio, TV and social media commercials and street advertising the government aims to make everyone aware of the danger of cybercriminals. On veiliginternetten.nl you can find tips to enhance your internet security even more.

Ensure security

We feel that it is entirely logical for KPN to sign this covenant. We do everything in our power to safeguard the security of our customers. For instance, we offer consumers KPN Veilig, a package that protects PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone against viruses and malware. And giving instruction is very important in this too: we draw our customers’ attention proactively to the risks and help them wherever possible so that everyone can go online securely. We recently amalgamated all the security services for the Business Market into a single organization, making KPN Security one of the biggest IT security companies in the Netherlands.