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Yes Telecom

The provider for the business market

As SME-expert, Yes Telecom is the business solutions provider for the business market. The services and products are only available via Business Partners. This way, Yes Telecom can concentrate fully on offering the best service.

Yes Telecom believes in doing things differently. It doesn’t have its own sales teams or shops. This way the brand isn’t competing with its telecom dealers and all attention goes on providing services for business customers.

With Yes Telecom, customers can always talk directly to a member of staff who will respond to them personally and expertly. Customers are helped with issues that they don’t want to have to worry about, so that they can focus on their business.

Yes Telecom makes use of KPN’s high quality network. As an independent subsidiary of KPN, it profits from the technical innovations that KPN implements in its network. The network is 100% identical. The products and services are developed specifically for the business sector. So they’re tailor-made. That sounds expensive, but in practice it actually results in savings; customers aren’t paying for unnecessary things. That’s Yes Telecom. The Business Solutions Provider.

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Facts about Yes Telecom

Most important activities: telephony services for the business market

Year of establishment: 2005, a part of KPN since 2010

Particulars: only available via Business Partners, fully focused on service.

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