01 January 2019 - Our network

Record consumption of mobile data at New Year

Last night the KPN network carried millions of new year greetings. This represented a record number of terabytes of mobile data consumption.

At the turn of the year – between 10 pm and 4 am – people in the Netherlands once again used their smartphones en masse to wish others a happy new year via the KPN mobile network.


The peak time for data traffic at New Year was 12.20 a.m. and the volume of data traffic was around 30% higher than twelve months earlier. The KPN mobile network processed 176 terabytes of new year greetings, images and videos, against 128 terabytes the year before.


Just like last year, SMS lost ground as a medium for sending new year greetings. Last night more than 2.9 million SMSes were sent. The previous year’s figure was 3.2 million.

Phone calls

On New Year’s Eve more than 4 million calls were made, roughly the same as the year before. The peak time for call traffic was, as in the previous year, straight after midnight.