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08 October 2018 - Our network

Schiphol and mobile operators collaborate on new mobile network

Schiphol, KPN, T-Mobile, and VodafoneZiggo want to improve passenger experience

Royal Schiphol Group and three mobile operators, KPN, T-Mobile, and VodafoneZiggo, are collaborating on a new and future-proof indoor mobile network at the airport in order to further improve the user experience of passengers and employees. Over the next two years, the phased installation of the new network will take place in all arrivals and departure halls, lounges, piers, the station area, Schiphol Plaza, and in restricted areas like the baggage cellars.

“Schiphol has the ambition to be a leading digital airport. This requires a good mobile-user experience for the many millions of passengers and thousands of employees. That’s why we are pleased to be working together with KPN, VodafoneZiggo, and T-Mobile on an even better digital passenger experience at the airport,” says Jabine van der Meijs, CFO Royal Schiphol Group.

The new mobile network must be ready by 2020, and more than 30 antenna will be installed at the airport to give outstanding mobile coverage. The new network is future-proof and will be suitable for the new generation of mobile networks, such as 5G. The network for emergency services and the portable two-way radio system that is used at Schiphol are also included in the plans.

The installation of the new multi-operator mobile network will bring an end to the individual indoor mobile networks of different operators at Schiphol. All mobile operators will make use of the same mobile network in all the terminals and on all the piers at Schiphol. The new mobile network will not only raise the quality, but will also save space and energy.