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26 September 2017 - Our network

KPN introduces end-to-end IoT solution for business market

Telecom and ICT service provider KPN takes a next step in the IoT-market and launches an end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) solution for business customers called ‘KPN Things’. KPN Things offers a full, ready-to-use and scalable IoT-solution.

This new service platform offers IoT devices, networks and data and consulting services. KPN Things enables organizations to get started with IoT and it strengthens KPN's strategic position in the IoT market.

With the right IoT applications, organizations can create value by optimizing business processes, improving customer experience, and develop new business models. Over the past few years, KPN has gained a lot of experience with numerous organizations in hundreds of IoT use-cases. KPN Things has been developed based on these customer insights. With KPN Things, business customers have the opportunity to put IoT into practice without worrying about technology or specialized IoT knowledge. KPN Things combines a secure and ready-to-use IoT solution based on the various IoT networks of KPN (LoRa / M2M) with a service platform for a fixed monthly fee. Customers can easily add IoT solutions and connect their own devices through the new platform.

Carolien Nijhuis, Managing Director IoT at KPN: "We see a huge growth in the IoT-market, in every industry there is an increasing need for new applications that can help organizations work more efficiently or develop new business models. We introduce KPN Things to better serve business customers, so they can take full advantage of the opportunities in this market. KPN Things reduces the threshold to get started with IoT and provides a complete, safe and ready-to-use IoT solution: from sensors, connectivity and data storage to data services and integration with customer systems."